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Energy Incentives

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QualAir Pneumatics, Inc. can provide High Efficiency energy-saving Pneumatic Dust Control and Material Transport Systems that, many times, qualify for cash incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon and Oregon Business Energy Tax Credits (BETC). Incentives and tax credits are based on annual kilowatt hours saved and can amount to a substantial percentage of the project cost.

Analysis Example

In this case, for example, an existing Secondary Dust Control System with a Baghouse filter would use 210 BHP for the system fan, 17 BHP for the cleaning blower, 7 BHP for the airlock, and 0.7 BHP for the manifold arm, a total of 234.7 BHP. Based on operating 6,500 Hours/Year and having older 90% efficient motors, this is annual power consumption of 1,264,511 Kw Hours/Year.

A new QualAir Pneumatics, Inc. High Efficiency System would use 76.0 BHP for the system fan, 4.0 BHP for the cleaning blower, 0.3 BHP for the manifold arm, and 0.7 BHP for the airlock, or a total of 81.0 BHP. For the same operating hours per year and using premium efficiency motors, the System would use only 413,441 Kw Hours/Year. This is a savings of 851,070 Kw Hours/Year.

Based on an incentive of $0.20/Kw HR saved for the first year, from the Energy Trust, you could potentially expect an incentive of $170,214.00 or 50% of the cost of the project, whichever is less. In addition, you could expect up to 35% of the project’s cost of equipment in tax credits from BETC.

More importantly, the annual electrical savings (based on the average cost of electricity being $0.057/Kw Hr) would be $48,511 per year or $727,665 over the 15 year life of the equipment, assuming electric prices don’t go up.

QualAir Pneumatics, Inc. can assist with a preliminary evaluation of your new and existing systems to identify potential energy savings and qualifying for available cash incentives and tax credits. This service is provided at no cost to the customer.

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